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Volunteers are always needed and appreciated.  Many nonprofits rely on volunteers to help them make the community a better place for all. The YCCWJC is no different. We need your help to achieve our misson. Please consider putting your time and talents to good use and work with us to rebuild lives and change communities, one woman at a time..

Please take a look at the opportunities listed below and see if there is something that might be a fit for you.


A mentor is simply a woman of faith who is a little further along in her journey with Christ and is willing to shine a little of His light, so that another woman can follow.  She is a role model, encourager, coach, teacher, and motivator.

Special Volunteer

Special volunteers serve in a number of areas, such as:

  • Instruction

  • Transportation

  • Child care

  • Anywhere else where there may be a significant need

Event Volunteer

Volunteers are needed to help plan special events and also work the day of the event.

​​Help make a difference.  Sign up
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