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We have a dream!


Our dream is to become one of York County's first "Renewal Houses" for women.  A Renewal House would offer an 8 to 12 month, residential program using a 12-step model to help women experience freedom from life-dominating addictions, not only to drugs, but also to harmful life choices.  It will be a place where they are able to receive counseling, mentoring, structure, and accountability as they learn practical and spiritual principles from the Bible and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.  A Renewal House will be a place where they may experience a loving, healing environment as they begin a new life toward wholeness and freedom from life-controlling problems.  It's a place where Chapel services, group and personal studies, pastoral counseling and community service opportunities would be vital components.

At the end of 2017, the closest places to help these women are found in Charlotte, NC and Greenville, SC.  We need one here in York County.

Our world is quickly changing! The Christ-centered programs are a must in this season of time.  The time to introduce these women to HOPE and Jesus Christ is now!

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