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What We Offer

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  • Seven Steps Toward Self-Sufficiency

  • Mandatory Bible Study (group or one-on-one)

  • Mentoring

  • Life/Job Skills

  • Financial Management Classes

  • Basic/Intermediate Computer Training

  • Advance Computer Training

  • Resume Writing/ Interview Prep Workshop

  • Support Groups (Grief & Loss, Divorce, etc.)

  • Christian Counseling 

  • Parenting Classes

  • Stepping into Freedom (12 Step Program)

  • Programmed Transitional Housing

Seven Steps Toward Self-Sufficiency

1.  Contact Grounds of Grace

2.  Application and Orientation

3.  Level I - Attend Required Life/Job Skills Class and Be Paired with a Trained Mentor

Classes are covered over a period of 6 to 8 weeks, depending on schedule needs and class size at that time. Classes include classroom instruction, individual, and group activities.


Study topics for Jobs for Life include: Journey to Employment, Why Work? Career and Skills Assessment, Job Search, My Journey for Life, and more.


Life Skills include: Life Gifts, Values, Life Choices, and more.

4.​ Begin Personal Development Plan
Work with staff to develop your own personal goals to reach self-sufficiency which addresses all areas of your life—spiritual, family, personal, financial, education, and employment.

5.  Participate in Bible Study
Bible study is an ongoing and a required part of the program. Participant must participate in Bible study with her Mentor and may attend small group studies as offered.

6.  ​Begin Level II​​

Each participant must remain in two composites of the program to be considered as active.

  • Continue weekly meeting with mentor

  • Work on Personal Development Plan

  • Attend workshops and/or support groups as needed

  • Become Self-Sufficient

  • Graduate GofG Program


7.  Advance to Level III—Giving Back​

Begin the transition from participant to volunteer.

  • Complete advanced classes/workshops as needed toward personal goals.

  • Attend events as an encourager to other women, helping GofG.


Seven Steps Toward Self-Sufficiency

Disclaimer:  Self-sufficient may look different for each participant.  We also realize that from time to time we all need help from one another.  We know that our true sufficiency comes from Jesus Christ.

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